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The growth of coworking spaces in Serbia has not only been noticeable but also remarkable.
More and more people are choosing flexible spaces for the benefits they offer. In the past,
coworking offices were primarily used by freelancers and small startups, but things are
changing rapidly. Today, we see clients from various industries, ranging from big companies
to small businesses, making the shift from traditional offices to shared workspaces. The
innovative and creative work environment, coupled with an enthusiastic professional
community, attracts a diverse range of clients.
When you look around any coworking office, you’ll find people from all walks of life doing
various types of jobs. These workspaces are not only the most affordable but also highly
effective places to work. Here, employees from different organizations work alongside
employees from other companies, fostering connections and collaboration.
However, some still believe that coworking is suitable only for specific types of businesses,
and some organizations are skeptical about transitioning to shared workspaces. This
misconception might be due to a generation gap or simply a lack of understanding about
coworking spaces.
Here at Urban Offices, we understand the importance of your team’s work environment for
your business’s success. We know that choosing the right location for your business is a
crucial decision. That’s why we want to address some common myths about shared


Myth #1: Only for startups and freelancers

Myth – One common misconception about shared office spaces is that they are exclusively
for startups and freelancers. While this might have been the case in the early days of
coworking, times have changed.

Truth – Shared spaces today offer all the facilities that businesses, regardless of their size
and nature, need for smooth daily operations. At Urban Offices, we have lawyers, real estate
agents, investors, and other professionals who appreciate our modern and professional
environment, ideal for impressing clients.

Myth #2: The coworking demographic is only millennials and young professionals

Myth – Many people believe that shared workspaces are primarily for young individuals who
seek a social and fun work environment and don’t take their work seriously.

Truth – In reality, the average age of clients working in coworking spaces is 36. Many
coworkers are between 30 to 39 years old, proving that coworking is not just for “young
people.” The nature of work also varies greatly, and while coworking attracts millennials,
they are serious about their business and workplace etiquette.


Myth #3: Coworking spaces are expensive

Myth – Another common misconception about coworking spaces is that they are expensive.
When you first look at the numbers, you might think that coworking offices are more costly
than traditional office space rentals. However, most people who find coworking spaces
expensive don’t consider the included fees and numerous benefits.

Truth – Coworking spaces provide excellent value for money and are accessible to everyone,
from freelancers to large companies. In shared workspaces, you pay a single fee that covers
everything, including utility bills, internet, cleaning, security, office management, and more.

Myth #4: Coworking spaces are very noisy and not professional enough

Myth – Many believe that coworking offices are noisy and distracting.
Truth – Urban Office is a spacious facility, with each office or conference room designed
with soundproof walls. We even have specially designed silence zones for those seeking a
quieter workspace. Despite our central location on Knez Mihailova, one of the busiest
streets in Belgrade, our offices offer a peaceful atmosphere. If you close your windows,
you’ll be isolated from external noise, and if you prefer an open window, you can enjoy the
pleasant sounds of street musicians in Knez Mihailova.

Myth #5: They only offer open spaces with coworking desks

Myth – Some believe that coworking offices consist solely of open spaces with desks where
coworkers sit and work together.

Truth – At Urban Office, we offer a variety of workspace options, including private office
space for rent and virtual office space. We can accommodate your team’s specific needs,
and even our coworking desks are in separate, spacious offices. Unlike traditional office
leases, coworking spaces offer flexibility, allowing you to rent space for a day or a month to
test if it suits your needs.

Myth #6: Coworking may seem unprofessional to clients

Myth – Some people think that coworking spaces may appear unprofessional to clients and
business contacts.

Truth – Professionals are increasingly choosing coworking spaces for important meetings
because these spaces are professionally managed and equipped with all the necessary
amenities. At Urban Office, our meeting rooms come with quality furniture, lighting,
projectors, whiteboards, markers, and refreshments. These modern and polished spaces
leave a positive impression on clients and potential candidates, dispelling any
misconceptions about coworking spaces.


Myth #7: The coworking trend won’t last.

Myth – Some believe that coworking spaces won’t last in the long run.
Truth – Coworking spaces have been thriving in Belgrade for over a decade and continue to
grow each year. New coworking spaces keep opening because they cater to modern needs
and attract young entrepreneurs. With various business models and entrepreneurs relying
on coworking spaces, it’s clear that they are here to stay.

We hope this blog has dispelled some common misconceptions about coworking spaces,
particularly among those who have never tried or visited one. It’s time to embrace modern
services and realize that good things can also be affordable.

We invite you to visit Urban Office and experience the benefits of coworking for yourself. Please contact us at info@urbanoffice.rs or visit our website at www.urbanoffice.rs for more information.