Urban Office

Google might be one of the first companies to realize the importance of having satisfied employees. Their philosophy is to “Create the happiest and most productive workplace in the world,” which has contributed to Google becoming one of the most desirable employers globally.

It’s not a secret that when employees are content, they are much more productive, and loyal, and consequently, the company performs better. Moreover, having a company where satisfied employees work makes them brag about it, making it easier for you to attract high-quality candidates when hiring new staff.

Of course, salary is an important factor in employee satisfaction, but it’s not all about money. If your employees receive decent salaries and are provided opportunities for growth and development, they won’t mind not having the highest pay in town.


Research shows that for young employees, other factors matter more when it comes to job satisfaction. It’s important for everyone to know that someone cares about them, that there’s mutual respect, and that someone values their work and effort.

The work environment is a crucial aspect when discussing employee satisfaction, as every job comes with stress. Considering that people spend more time in the office these days than at home, the significance of a well-designed workspace becomes apparent.

Employees will undoubtedly be more productive and put in more effort when they feel satisfied, happy, and healthy. As an organization, you have a responsibility to take care of your people in the workplace and, in return, create an atmosphere where people feel good and content.

This was our goal when we created Urban Office coworking spaces – our priority was to create a space where people feel good and where it’s enjoyable to work. A motivating and inspiring environment. In addition to offering professionally equipped offices, we provide additional perks to enhance tenant satisfaction.

The Urban Office team has created a healthy work environment, which brings numerous bonuses that make your team more productive. In our offices, you’ll have a happier workforce, reduced sick leave and absence, and, of course, overall well-being.


Healthy nutrition is a crucial factor that affects not only health but also overall employee satisfaction. In our space, we have a fully equipped kitchen with a lounge where you can eat. Moreover, our clients have an additional benefit – just two floors below in the same building, we have an à la carte restaurant offering healthy dining options and a variety of freshly squeezed juices, all with special discounts for our tenants. The restaurant overlooking Knez Mihailova Street is perfect for a quick break and an opportunity to relax with a healthy snack or lunch.

We provide fresh seasonal fruit every day, available to all our tenants. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that significantly contribute to happiness and well-being.

To address employee well-being, one of the biggest challenges is stress. All our members have the opportunity to book relaxation in the sauna, Turkish bath, or jacuzzi as an anti-stress break or after a demanding workday. Plus, the spa is just a few floors below our office, so you won’t lose much time. All our tenants with our card receive a special discount.

We recently read how Elon Musk added beds to the offices when he came to Twitter/X, as many work so much that they don’t go home. In the same building, Urban Office offers special discounts for business apartments, where our tenants can stay as needed.

Apart from these perks, there are some details that might not be as obvious at first glance:

  1. Location: Urban Office is located at 3 Knez Mihailova Street, right in the city center, at a prestigious address. It’s important that your employees feel good coming to work, that it’s convenient and easily accessible for everyone. The city center is well-connected by public transport to all parts of the city, and for those who drive, there are three large city parking garages near Urban Office coworking.
  2. Furniture: You might not have considered how important the functionality and comfort of workspaces are for your employees. Your employees spend most of their day sitting at a desk, so having comfortable chairs is essential. Ergonomic chairs offer significant benefits, as proper seating significantly impacts health. Moreover, Urban Office provides larger work desks and takes care of the distance between chairs and keyboards to facilitate computer work.
  3. Natural Light and Fresh Air: All offices in Urban Office have large windows with views of Knez Mihailova or other attractive locations. The windows can be safely opened, allowing fresh, natural air to enter the room. This contributes to creating a healthier work environment. Of course, the rooms are air-conditioned, but each office has its own climate control that can be adjusted as needed to minimize the use of centralized air conditioning. Also, Urban Office has equipped all offices with special computer work lighting, which is aesthetically pleasing and helps employees work on computers more comfortably and for longer periods.
  4. Aesthetics: The aesthetics of the office also play a significant role in employee satisfaction. Urban Office has created a modern, globally standard-equipped space. Art is present throughout the area, and the artworks in the offices stimulate and beautify the space. Urban Office boasts an impressive collection of paintings by renowned Serbian artists.
  5. Common Areas: In addition to the kitchen, which is usually bustling in the mornings, Urban Office has a large lounge area where members can socialize, relax, or work. This modernly equipped area exudes a warmth that many have recognized, making the lounge one of our members’ favorite spaces. We also have three fully equipped meeting and training rooms, including an oval room that can be connected to the lounge and is excellent for presentations and events. Moreover, Urban Office has a Silent Zone, a quiet area equipped with two beds and a sofa, where members can take a break and recharge in silence.

In conclusion, don’t forget that your company is as valuable as its employees, and their job satisfaction will pay off. So, get in touch and reserve your office at Urban Office.