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The concept of coworking spaces isn’t new; the first coworking office opened in the US in 2005, and Belgrade got its first coworking space in 2012. Since then, more and more coworking offices have been opening each year. This way of working has proven to be beneficial, and the demand for this kind of space is growing steadily in our market. The truth is that coworking spaces differ from traditional offices in many ways.

How Coworking Spaces Work – Renting Coworking Space – Big Savings

Owning or renting your own office space requires significant investment in terms of resources and money. Costs associated with a traditional office space include furniture and interior design, internet/server expenses, security costs, cleaning, insurance, utilities, and much more. Coworking offices come fully equipped with furniture, necessary work tools, fast internet…

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Therefore, when you rent an office in a coworking space, you don’t need to invest in:

  • Setting up the office space
  • Purchasing servers and paying for internet
  • Buying furniture
  • Purchasing and arranging meeting rooms
  • Equipping with technology – monitors, projectors, flip charts, photocopiers, scanners…
  • Setting up auxiliary rooms such as a kitchen, meeting rooms, lounge, etc.
  • Security and cameras
  • Reception and office manager…

All of this, along with utilities, is included in your monthly rent. For small businesses and startups, the initial months and years can be financially challenging. Every saved penny counts, which is why many new companies choose to rent offices in coworking spaces. To rent office space in Belgrade today, you’re often required to sign a long-term contract for a year or more. For new, young companies that haven’t started making a profit, signing such a contract is risky, and terminating the contract could result in penalties. Coworking spaces offer flexible short-term or long-term contracts, which is another benefit of renting offices in coworking spaces.


Additionally, what coworking offices offer is modularity.

When a company first starts, it might have a small number of employees. Over time, the team grows, the company becomes larger, and bigger capacities are needed. If you’ve rented a traditional office, this creates a problem – you need more space, which you don’t have. This leaves you with a few options: move to a larger space when your contract expires or split teams across different locations, which isn’t the best solution.

In coworking spaces, expanding from a smaller to a larger office is no problem at all. The advantage is that you stay at the same location, your team is in one place, you don’t face penalties, and everything is sorted out in a very short period. This allows you to focus on your business instead of setting up a new office.

But aside from the clear benefits companies enjoy when using coworking spaces – reduced maintenance costs and other office-related expenses – there are other advantages coworking spaces offer that your company can benefit from. The design and address of your office provide your business with a professional yet trendy image, helping you present your company or brand to clients in the best light.

7 Reasons Why Urban Office Coworking is a Good Choice for Your Company

  1. Savings
  2. Flexible Leases
  3. Networking Opportunities
  4. Location / Prestigious Address
  5. Productive Work Environment
  6. Design and Functionality of Space
  7. Perks Offered by Urban Office

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