Urban Office

Looking for new and inspiring workspaces in Belgrade, BIZLife has discovered one right in the heart of the capital city. Here’s what we found there. Finding a suitable and pleasant place to work is no longer just an individual decision; it’s a concept that holds significant importance for companies, showcasing how much they care about their employees’ needs. Following this trend, BIZLife visited the cutting-edge coworking space in Belgrade. At 3 Knez Mihailova Street, you’ll find the Urban Office Coworking Workspace.

“The point is that you can easily rent an office or a fully equipped and set up for successful work,” says Milan Karanović, the owner of this concept.

Many have recognized the numerous advantages of coworking spaces because they have “everything in one place.” This includes fast internet, printer and scanner access, office management services, the option to register a company at this address, meeting room usage, video calls and conferences, as well as hosting training and workshops. Additionally, Urban Office offers a silent room, a relaxation area, and a kitchen.

It’s all about the “everything in one place” concept, all within one package and one price.

Urban Office Coworking Workspace.

Cost Reduction

Employers are relieved from the significant costs of leasing, maintaining, and purchasing office furniture and equipment. Regarding the monthly membership fee, it covers all necessary services: internet, other work resources, utility costs, and more.

Flexibility private office

The Urban Office coworking space offers private offices for short-term and long-term leases, adaptable for both larger and smaller teams, as well as dedicated desks in coworking areas, perfect for individuals or small teams.

What makes Urban Office unique is that becoming a tenant of an office or desk grants access to a restaurant for healthy eating, wellness facilities for relaxation, and even accommodation apartments for those not from Belgrade, all within the same building and with special discounts.

Inspiring Workspace

An inspiring workspace like Urban Office is essential for achieving good business results. Modern interior design, featuring artworks by renowned Serbian artists, makes this space even more inspiring.


Dynamic and Stimulating Work Atmosphere

Professionals have the opportunity to connect with others using the coworking space, expanding their business horizons. Urban Office Coworking offers a sense of community and belonging, as people from similar professions can work in teams and provide support to one another.

Furthermore, within this wonderful space, companies can organize various educational and networking events, allowing interested individuals to acquire new knowledge and skills.

“We provide you with all the conveniences so that you can focus on your own success. Your success is our mission,” concludes Milan Karanović for BIZLife.

Source: BizLife