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Every workspace is shaped by the people who occupy it. In coworking, the community is one of the most important aspects. That’s why we want to introduce you to selected individuals who are part of the Urban Office community. This week, we present Milica Arsić, who is an HR Ops consultant and training partner for corporate clients. Additionally, she is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, certified NLP Master, POY & PCM Practitioner, and the founder of Brick Hub.

Hard-working entrepreneur, that is Milica Arsić

She founded Brick Hub with the goal of supporting individuals and corporate clients in Serbia and the region in their personal and professional development. Her plan is to organize a wide range of workshops and training sessions for them, both in-person and online. These sessions will primarily utilize the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methodology, as well as various other methodologies, says Milica Arsić.

She mostly works with corporate clients who need assistance with setting up and maintaining HR/People/Ops systems (start-ups, micro, and small companies) or require a slightly different, more creative type of training for their employees (of all corporate sizes).

Brick Hub workshops and sessions are designed for anyone who wants to work on personal development and enhance their interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills, as well as communication, public speaking, active listening, creative thinking, and more.

Corporate workshops are tailor-made for each company and aim to strengthen what is most important and needed at that time – teamwork, culture, communication, productivity, quicker decision-making, creating new products, services, strategies, etc.

How Long Have You Been an entrepreneur?

Milica Arsić: I’ve been developing the idea for my business for about a year and a half now, and recently I officially registered as an entrepreneur. So, you could say I’m still at the beginning.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges in Business?

Milica Arsić: When you’re starting out, there are quite a few challenges. One of the biggest challenges at the beginning is to get everything set up, make people aware of you, and acquire your first clients. When you’re a “one woman show,” it requires exceptional organization, discipline, a lot of invested time, and effort. But as someone who loves challenges, all of this excites me because I enjoy creating things from scratch. I love this job, so no challenge feels too difficult. Also, in addition to being an entrepreneur, I’m the mother of a three-year-old, Luke, so perhaps my biggest challenge is balancing myself in the role of a businesswoman and a mother.

Why Do You Choose to Work in Coworking Offices?

Milica Arsić: I choose to work in coworking offices because I can concentrate much better. To be most productive, silence is essential for me, which is quite challenging when I’m at home and my child, for example, isn’t at daycare, or when I’m working from a café where there’s noise. Sometimes even music distracts me, so the answer to this question is better concentration and focus.

What Do You Consider the Advantages of Working in Coworking?

Milica Arsić: The biggest advantage for me is knowing that the doors of the coworking space are open every working day, and I can come here even for a few hours when needed. The Urban coworking space has everything I need – fast internet, peace and quiet, air conditioning, a kitchen with all the gadgets, etc. And, of course, in spaces like this, you can always meet someone new and expand your network, which is extremely important when you’re starting your own business.

Do You Use Meeting Rooms or Training Facilities in Coworking Spaces, and If So, What Do You Consider the Advantage?

Milica Arsić: I’ve rented various training rooms so far, mostly in hotels, but I plan to hold my first training session at Urban in late September. I really like the size of the training room, and the biggest advantage is that I can adapt it to the needs and size of the training group. The coworking space is also located in the city center, making it easy to reach.

Urban office Private office

What Type of Coworking Do You Prefer?

Milica Arsić: When it comes to the type of coworking space, I can’t decide on just one type because I’m somewhere in between. I like the traditional concept of coworking spaces, where there are “hot desk” options, private offices, separate meeting rooms. But due to the nature of my work, I also need flexibility, so the concept of coworking spaces for digital nomads also suits me.

Now You’re at Urban Office. What Do You Like Most About Coworking?

Milica Arsić: I really like the ambiance – the space is large and very calm and quiet, which helps me concentrate when needed. The atmosphere indoors is pleasant, the furniture is modern and comfortable, and I enjoy coming here to work. It’s inspiring.

What Do You Think Are the Advantages of Urban Office?

Milica Arsić: Definitely the location, the size of the space, and the amenities. You’re in the city center, and everything is close by – parking garages, public transport, restaurants, cafes, banks. Inside, there’s plenty of space to work comfortably without crowding, and you have everything in one place.

Would You Recommend Urban Office?

Milica Arsić: Absolutely! Because the place itself is very inspiring, it has good energy, the staff is very friendly, and the people who come here to work are also very focused, which is definitely inspiring when a little discipline is needed.